Marketing Continuum

All US Marketing and Advertising Pros in One Comprehensive Source

The landscape in today’s US marketing departments is shifting and dynamic. Accurate and timely contact data for this lucrative audience has been a challenge to find at scale. With Marketing Continuum, you’ll have a complete picture of who is responsible for what kind of spending and campaigns. Job Function keywords let you target and segment while Buyer Radius and Intent signals give you everything needed to maximize campaigns and media. This audience data is specifically designed to facilitate multi-channel campaigns for postal, programmatic and call center coordination.

  • Full company-level attributes are included allowing you to build segments by company size industry, geography, etc.
  • Build your in-house contact dataset with accurate and up-to-date information, giving you real-time reach to marketing professionals and decision makers. Use cases from registration form pre-population to call center outreach.
  • Calibrate your campaign focus with our Buyer Radius factors. Tighten your message to those with decision making authority.
  • High Leverage Use Case – reach these influential business professionals both at work and AT HOME via CTV. Marketing Continuum audience data regularly match at over 75% when onboarded into any of the major programmatic platforms giving you scale and reach for CTV campaigns.
  • Utilize available company and direct-dial phones to create call-center outreach  programs as part of your multi-channel strategy.
  • Total Contact Count:
    5.8 Million
  • Total Company Count:
  • Company Phones:
    3.6 Million
  • Direct Dial Phones:
    1.3 Million
  • Unique Job Titles:
    1 Million
Audience datasets are optimized for programmatic onboarding and matching.
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Seniority
  • Department
  • Direct Dial Phone (where available)
  • Mobile Phone (where available)
  • Personal postal addresses (where available)
  • Hashed email address
  • Mobile device IDs (MAIDs)
  • Buyer Radius (where avaialble)