HR Continuum

US Human Resources Pros All in One Place

Today. Human Resource professionals are part of more corporate buying decisions than ever. Modern focus on company culture, employee retention and work experience has created a decision making nexus within HR management that marketers ignore at their peril. HR Continuum can give your campaigns a complete view of HR contacts within US business and allows for powerful segmentation and targeting.

  • Target HR decision makers everywhere they consume content via programmatic display, LinkedIn, Facebook and CTV. This single dataset gives you unlimited reach into the US business marketplace.
  • Build your in-house contact dataset with accurate and up-to-date information, allowing you to engage with HR decision makers in real-time. Use cases from registration form pre-population to call center outreach.
  • Calibrate your campaign focus with our Buyer Radius factors. Tighten your message to those with decision making authority.
  • Realize significant digital advertising data cost savings with HR Continuum. Utilize our 1 year unlimited use license to save 50% off your current programmatic audience data costs and gain capabilities to scale your campaigns as needed data cost-free.
    • Total Contact Count:
    • Total Company Count:
    • Company Phones:
    • Direct Dial Phones:
    • Unique Job Titles:
    Audience datasets are optimized for programmatic onboarding and matching.
    First Name, Last Name
    Job Title
    Direct Dial Phone (where available)
    Mobile Phone (where available)
    Personal postal addresses (where available)
    Hashed email address
    Mobile device IDs (MAIDs)
    Buyer Radius (where avaialble)