All US Linkedin Profiles with Histories

Career Continuum from Solution Publishing offers unparalleled access to detailed professional information from 83 million US LinkedIn profiles, making it an essential tool for recruitment, marketing, and business development. This dataset includes comprehensive contact details, educational and work histories, and company information, supporting various use cases such as digital display advertising, telemarketing campaigns, and social network audience targeting. With monthly updates, Career Continuum ensures businesses always have the latest data to drive growth and success.

Use Cases and Customer Benefits:

  • Digital Display Advertising: Create highly targeted ads that reach professionals based on job titles, industries, and locations.
  • Telemarketing Campaigns: Access accurate and verified contact numbers to effectively connect with potential leads.
  • Social Network Audience Targeting: Leverage detailed LinkedIn profile data to build precise and impactful marketing campaigns.
  • Recruitment and HR: Gain a holistic view of candidates’ professional histories for more informed hiring decisions.
  • Business Development: Enhance outreach strategies with comprehensive company data, including industry codes, revenue ranges, and employee counts.
  • Marketing and Sales: Personalize engagement efforts based on detailed insights into professional backgrounds and company information.
  • Total Contact Count:
    83 Million
  • Total Company Count:
    4.2 Million
  • Business Emails
    83 Million
  • Direct Dial Phones:
    17 Million
  • Mobile Phones:
    14 Million
  • Education Histories
    23 Million
  • Work Histories
    61 Million

** Dataset refreshed monthly

Audience datasets are optimized for programmatic onboarding and matching.
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Seniority
  • Department
  • Direct Dial Phone (where available)
  • Mobile Phone (where available)
  • Personal postal addresses (where available)
  • Business Email address
  • Mobile device IDs (MAIDs)
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Email Address Delivery MX status