FINANCE Continuum

Target the people in charge of budgets and payments within US companies

Total Contact Count: 13 Million

Total Company Count: 1.5 Million

Company Phones:
8.8 Million

Direct Dial Phones:
3.4 Million

Unique Job Titles: 1.6 Million

Access a comprehensive dataset of finance professionals, CFOs, financial analysts, and accounting experts who drive financial decision-making within organizations. Enhance your audience targeting, optimize campaign performance, and establish valuable connections within the finance sector, all while saving on data expenses.

  • Full company-level attributes are included allowing you to build segments by company size industry, geography, etc.

  • Build your in-house contact dataset with accurate and up-to-date information, allowing you to engage with IT decision makers in real-time. Use cases from registration form pre-population to call center outreach
  • Calibrate your campaign focus with our Buyer Radius factors. Tighten your message to those with decision making authority.
  • High Leverage Use Case – reach these influential business professionals both at work and AT HOME via CTV. IT Continuum audience data regularly match at over 75% when onboarded into any of the major programmatic platforms giving you scale and reach for CTV campaigns.

  • Utilize available company and direct-dial phones to create call-center outreach  programs as part of your multi-channel strategy.

Audience datasets are optimized for programmatic onboarding and matching.

  • First Name, Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Seniority
  • Department
  • Direct Dial Phone (where available)
  • Mobile Phone (where available)
  • Personal postal addresses (where available)
  • Hashed email address
  • Mobile device IDs (MAIDs)
  • Buyer Radius (where avaialble)